Torre del Grifo ****

Training Camp in Torre del Grifo

Here you can work concentrated and undisturbed in the top modern football center Torre del Grifo. In the performance center is the Village, a well-kept 4-star hotel, which we can recommend for amateur and professional teams at a football training camp.

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Torre del Grifo Village is the sports center of Calcio Catania. Here the first team, the youth sector but also the visiting teams can have at their disposal 4 regulation fields: 2 in natural grass and 2 in synthetic grass. The two natural grass fields are equipped with stands and it is possible, according to the availability of the organization, to attend the training of the athletes. Under the surface of one of the 4 fields there is the "Sottocampo", a structure of 8,000 square meters divided into three areas: First team, youth sector and Sports Rehabilitation Center. It houses, in addition to the locker rooms, the private gyms of the players, the massage rooms, but also the press room and many other services dedicated to the athletes of Calcio Catania.

"Torre del Grifo Village" is also the "headquarters" of Calcio Catania; in addition to the executive offices of the Company, there are 4 regulation fields for the teams of today and tomorrow, gyms and equipment for training, accommodation, restaurant and recreational areas. Here the athletes can train and recover energy without suffering the stress of travel, transfers and retreats for training. A strategic base that represents a great competitive advantage for the entire team.



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